Hi there!

I had been upgrading UI part for several days now. I've partly implement Metro UI style (About and Login pages) with Milk framework.

I've also decide to use Bootstrap framework for checks list.

For couple days I will continue improving UI part and after that I am likely switch direction to back-end. Couple nice ideas been collected on task-tracking system and I'll try to implement them as soon as possible.

P.S. I think about renaming "check" (piece of paper that seller gives you after you bought some stuff with price indicated, etc.) to "ticket". Any comments? I actually don't know how to call it properly in English. Awkward. (New discussion have been started).

Milk framework was bad idea, because it is incompatible with Bootstrap (it has same classes names and structure). Damn.
I'm now looking at another Metro UI framework. As I heard it is quite popular.

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