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MoneyCounter Project is ASP.NET application for personal finance managing. Among other features that exists in such applications it allows to manage paper checks from shops, stores and recognize them via OCR engine. Also it allows to automatically categorize your expenses and to indicate your budget. It's also has manual type-in functionality for other expenses.

If you are starting designer or just want to participate contact me via illia.ratkevych at
Project needs good design.

Following technologies are used:
  • C# .NET Framework 4.5
  • Database: currently is MS SQL Server 2012 Express (for now) with EntityFramework 5. It might be changed to MongoDB if it'll be considered as more efficient.
  • Client-side UI: ASP.NET MVC 4 (Razor), HTML5 + jQuery, jQuery UI, LessCSS, Metro UI CSS.

General purpose of creating this project is self-training, because I am pretty new in web development. But I hope that this project will survive and make my finance management much more easier.

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